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A Mobile app for your destination

Affordable SaaS destination app solution for Tourism Boards, Destination Marketing Organizations, Convention Visitor Bureaus and Destination Management Companies 


What is Visity by WalkABit?

It is a unique mobile app solution for Destination Marketing Organizations and Convention Visitor Bureaus.

Why is it unique?

Your new mobile app has all the features that travelers to your destination need but, costs 10 times less than custom made solutions

"VISITY is the missing piece in destination marketing"

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Custom mobile app development can easily extend 30 000 € per one app

It takes 3-6 months to develop an app for a destination

You will be charged for each additional functionality or app update.

Due to high costs of order, in many cases you will need to organize a tender, which will require time spent on preparation and supervision of the project.


Visity is a SaaS platform which means that you pay as you go. 

You can choose from multiple options that fit your needs, with plans starting at 399€ per month.

Unlike other companies, our technology is ready. It’s up to you when it will be launched. 

We just need your input on design and functionalities that you would like to use

We will not charge you for updates and improvements that we roll out for each of the plans.

Your destination’s app is already waiting for you so you don’t have to supervise the whole development process as it’s been already done.

Due to low price of the solution, there is no need for tendering. You can just put that into the “monthly/annual marketing costs” box.

What's inside?

Your destination's mobile app

Apps for iOS and Android included and launched to app stores for your convenience.
We will style it according to your needs and preferences.

Traveler reward system

Reward your visitors for using local businesses, buying entrance tickets or completing sightseeing challenges. You can use discounts, points or other perks.

Additional revenue stream

Add coupons, cashback, external booking links and monetize them to add new revenue stream.

Map, POI & routes

Your visitors can create a plan for their trip and keep it in their pocket at all times. You choose the Points of Interest that you want to expose.

Programmable push notifications

Send notifications about offers or places to all app users, select certain group or let the automation do the job for you. You can base the notifications on visitor actions, proximity, day, time and many other characteristics.

user generated content collection

Collect photos, reviews and other user generated content to use it in your marketing materials.
Platform is GDPR & IP compliant.

…and many, many more features including easy to use admin panel, filters, offers and custom sections…

Choose a perfect plan for you

Simple pricing, clear benefits



Per month

+ one time set up fee
  • Custom iOS & Android Apps
  • Unlimited points of interest
  • Basic push messaging
  • Rewards system
  • Admin Panel



Per month

+ one time set up fee

Basic Plan +

  • Proximity messaging
  • Dedicated App on your website
  • User Generated Content collection
  • Premium customer service & training

Interested? Let us know!

You can drop us an email at or use the contact form on the right.

Frequently asked questions

Even better! We will do it for you and with you, during the setup!

In general, yes. It’s only up to you if you want to sell it or give it to travelers and local users for free.

We strongly recommend enabling it for free.

There are other ways for you to monetize the platform. We will guide you through them if you wish.

Yes, the app can become also a source of information and a way to incentivize local community.

There are multiple channels that you can launch in the app.

  • You can incentivize financial transactions in your destination (like using restaurant, shopping or buying tickets to tourist attractions), where these establishments will pay you a small fee per each new customer you’ll bring them.
  • You can charge businesses a listing fee 
  • You can use advertising (banners)
  • You can charge booking agents a fee per each completed booking that came from your app

We see a great potential in this functionality. Currently there is possibility to collect pictures from users. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to reward them for it or not.

The mechanism works in a following way:

  • User gets to a landmark or sight marked on map
  • Chooses the marker and clicks on the photo button
  • He can either upload it from his devices’ gallery or take a new one directly from the app.
  • He’s asked for consent for marketing purposes. 
  • Once upload and validation is complete and user gets a reward (or not) which can be discount, special offer, gift or cashback.

Visity technology (in the meaning of the app) is owned by WalkABit Ltd. and we (WalkABit Ltd.) license it to you in a White Label SaaS model. It means that you can use it, brand it as your own technology until licensing period ends (until you pay your subscription).

Any data that you input, will be owned by you and you can remove it from the servers at any time.

Any data that users add is owned by users but they grant you a license to use it in your marketing material. Before submitting any content, user is asked for consent if he agrees that you can use his content in your materials.

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