How to “Get Rewarded” at sightseeing spotsEasy like 1-2-3

1. Open WalkAbit app and find a pin in sightseeing spot

2. Go to the location, click “GET REWARD” when it appears on the place card and answer simple question about your surroundings

3. If the answer is correct, you will receive funds immediately!

How to get cashback from servicesEasy like 1-2-3

1. Open WalkABit app and choose one of our partners nearby.
If you’re in an operative city you’ll see the distance to each place
2. Use the service (for example order food), while paying tell the staff that you got WalkABit app and click “GET CASHBACK”.
3. Let the staff scan QR code from your app or give them a code underneath and that’s it! You’ve just earned your first cashback!

How to redeem your in-app cash?

  1. Go to your in-app wallet,
  2. Choose which currency you would like to withdraw,
  4. Paste your remote wallet ID or your account number
  5. …and you’re sorted


In near future, you will be able to use your in-app funds to pay for services in our partner network or give it to charity.