Our work is based on transparency, therefore we want to share as much as we can with public. We believe that it builds necessary trust among all parties involved (users, investors, team, founders)


Supply Side

  • Our focus lies on SMB’s (restaurants, bars, tourist services, taxis etc.) which are responsible for 38% to 42% of revenues
  • Break-even point is expected on 7thmonth from launch
  • We’re expecting to acquire over 250 paying clients within the first 6 months from launch (4 cities launched)

Demand Side

  • In the initial phase, we’re expecting to acquire 6000 users that install the app, per month on a cost per install basis at a rate of approximately 1,3€
  • Expected average monthly user growth rate within first 6 month is 50% month over month (including churn)
  • We expect to reach 45 000 users in total within first 6 months
  • Average user value within first 6 months will oscillate around 5,81€ per month
  • User lifetime value is expected to extend due to opening new cities (avg 1 city per month within 1styear)


  • Funding raised in pre-seed round: 54 000 €
  • Expected funding in seed round
    Minimum: 150 000 €
    Realistic: 580 000 €
  • Domain expertise needs:
    – Distributed team management models
    – Blockchain systems development & architecture
  • We aim to open the seed round in mid-February 2019

Pre-Seed fund distribution

  • Sales, Operations & Key Hires

  • Marketing

  • MVP Platform Development

  • Equipment, Software & Expenses


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