We always welcome new users and those who help us to acquire them

Do you want to increase your revenue per guest?

We want to share our revenue with you.

You get 20% of our revenue for each guest that will install the app

Join our affiliate programme for tourist accommodations

What’s in it for your guests?

Your guests (our new users) will receive cash for sightseeing and cashback for using tourist services, so will come back home with extra money in the pocket

What’s in it for you?

You will receive 20% of WalkABit’s revenue and pleased guests, grateful to you for recommending them how to save on travel

How does it work?

General information

Who can register as an affiliate member?
Any person or business who provides tourist accommodation services, regardless of the nationality of the business.

How does the affiliate programme work?
Once you have registered as an affiliate member, you receive a unique 4 character code from WalkABit via email. Your guests must insert this code in the WalkABit app when registering. Using your affiliate code, we will monitor all the users coming from your accommodation. You will earn a commission for each of the 4 first cashback transactions that each user that registered with your code makes.

Is there a charge to register as an affiliate member?
No. The registration is free.

What materials are required?

WalkABit will deliver all the promotional materials to you.

How can I promote the app?

You can do any activity but here’s the list for some inspiration:

       Inform guests about the app on check in

       Keep the poster on the reception desk on a stand (if there is no reception desk – somewhere, from where it is seen best)

       Keep promotional materials in sight of guests

       Instruct the guest to put in your affiliate code when registering

Is there a minimum term for membership of the programme?
You can cancel your affiliate membership whenever you wish. There is no minimum term.

Comissions and payments

How often do I get commissions?

You get commissions once a month.

How are the commissions calculated?

You get 20% of WalkABit’s commission for each of the 4 first cashback transactions that each user, that registered with your affiliate code, makes.

The commission can be split between the affiliate member and its staff (10% for the affiliate member, and 10% for the staff member who actually promoted the app). There can be several staff members.

What does “make a cashback transaction” mean?

“Make a cashback transaction” means that the user used one of the tourist services, provided by WalkABit’s partners and available in the app, and received cashback.

How does the payment procedure look like?

Within 7 days of the month following the billing month WalkABit issues a report of all affiliate member’s commissions. The affiliate member issues an invoice on the basis of the report received from WalkABit.

If the affiliate member chooses the option to split the commission, the 10% for the staff are credited into their in-app wallet instantly after the transaction and they are able to withdraw the funds to their bank accounts. The affiliate member as a company / individual gets its part of the commission (the other 10%) once a month by issuing the invoice on the basis of the report received from WalkABit.

How is payment of the invoice made?
Payment of the invoice is made by bank transfer within 7 days upon receipt of invoice.


How are transactions recorded?
Your affiliate code is unique. By using this code we can identify all the users that come from your accommodation and transactions made by them.

How can I monitor my activities?

The affiliate member receives a report of all transactions and commissions once a month via email.