Do you run a music club or a festival or are you involved in event management somehow?

Would you like to offer an additional experience for your guests?

Let’s cooperate!

We work with events in three fields:

WalkABit app promotion

Customer acquisition for the event

Unique experiences

Why would your guests be interested in WalkabitApp?

Your guests will receive cash for sightseeing and cashback for using tourist services, so will come back home with extra money in the pocket plus they can get extra service from you.

What’s in it for you?

You have a chance to grow your revenue, bring in more customers and offer your guests additional experience.


We’ll tailor together an offer for your guests (it can be a complimentary drink, a personalized invitation, a table booking package, a VIP Service and many more)

Let’s increase your sales and our user base together!Join as our affiliate and let’s discuss