What to eat in Barcelona?Part one: Healthy Food

What to do in Barcelona?… Go sightseeing, enjoy the warm sun and Mediterranean sea at sandy beaches and, of course, eat!

Why eat? Because thousands of foodies from all over the world consider Barcelona one of the best destinations for their gastronomic trips. Variety of both traditional Catalan and Spanish and international cuisine will suit every taste, and satisfy even the most delicate gourmets.

Let’s start from healthy food today!
You’ve probably heard the famous phrase “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”. And it is very true! There are a lot of researches nowadays, and no one will argue with scientists, that junk food causes a lot health problems, and in order not to spend thousands on doctors, stay healthy and full of energy, we all need healthy nutrition.

10 healthy eating rules:

1. Eat, don’t starve yourself
Better eat in small portions and more often.

2. Don’t skip your breakfast
It’s the most important meal of the day.

3. Eat various products
Different products contain different vitamins and micronutrients.

4. Eat fresh and organic food
It has more antioxidants.

5. Eat seasonal produce
It is picked up when it is ripe and thus has the best combination of all nutrients.

6. Eat more vegetables
You’ll have more energy.

7. Eat more whole grains
There are more nutrients and fiber there, that will help your digestion.

8. Limit the amount of processed food
Better cook yourself every time, when you have a possibility.

9. Limit the amount of salt and sugar
Don’t abandon them completely, because your body can’t live without them, just don’t eat too much.

10. Eat balanced meals
Combine protein-rich food with plants.

Where to eat healthy in Barcelona?

Barcelona offers numerous opportunities to enjoy a healthy meal. First of all, you can cook it yourself. So you’ll need to go to La Boqueria or any other market to buy food. It may be a challenge though: imagine an unbelievable abundance and variety of different first-class products, that are waiting for you there – won’t it be hard to choose? Sometimes you ll also have to make your way through numerous tourist groups. But the good thing is that you’ll be able to buy something of high quality, and pushing through the crowds can be considered as a kind of sport too (we wonder: will it be added to the next Olympics in Barcelona?!). So be prepared to spend some time and burn some calories (which is healthy too!).

If you’d rather have a meal at a restaurant, we recommend DASO (Calle Galileo, 337 PB LOC. 2, 08028 Barcelona), the best experience of healthy gastronomy, which brings together a menu with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options and organic drinks. Unconventional restaurant design will be a pleasant surpise – have you ever seen trees growing just in the middle of the room?

Another place, that takes care of your health, especially if you are allergic to some ingredients, is Cal Marius 449 #pastrami (Calle Mallorca, 449, 08013 Barcelona). It is a certified restaurant, that produces 100% gluten-free and lactose-free dishes, and has got a menu adapted for many other food intolerances. They also offer more than 40 homemade tapas, and specialize in authentic pastrami in bagel, which is very tasty.

At La Hamaca (Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell, 15, 08003 Barcelona) you can buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables and enjoy natural juices and smoothies made from them. There are more than 50 for you to choose. You can also combine the ingredients yourself. Vegan and gluten-free products, healthy breakfasts, salads, snacks, homemade sweet and savoury cakes are on the menu as well. On a hot summer day try a refreshing açaí bowl. By the way, açaí is a friut of a palm tree, that grows in the wild Amazon rainforest. It is used as a natural treatment of digestive diseases and diseases of the skin.

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Can you recommend more places in Barcelona, where one can enjoy a healthy meal?

Feel free to leave comments!

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