What to Do In Barcelona

Part 1

In Parc Güell, you can find couple "cake-made" like buildings.

When packing the bags for a holiday in Barcelona, calling the neighbours and asking them to water your flowers while you are away, bringing the dog, the cat, the goldfish and other inhabitants to their temporary shelter at somebody’s’ place, etc. you can’t but be a little bit away in your dreams thinking about what you will be doing, where you will be going when on site, and all of the kind…


So let us give you a piece of advice on what to do in Barcelona during your stay there, so that it would be a really unforgettable experience!


First about some “must visit places”. Yes, you’ll find them in all possible guides about Barcelona. And that’s why you could say, “oh, why should I go there? I have heard thousands of times about them, they are packed with tourists…” And so on and so forth. But you know what… If they are recommended by everyone everywhere, there must probably be something special about them. Don’t you think so?


We think you’ll definitely lose something important, if you don’t have a look at world famous works of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. This man, whose name comes to mind at once, when somebody mentions Catalan Modernism now. So those who really appreciate art, would be delighted by the unusual shapes, lines, and the peculiarities of his style in general. By the way, you’ll be able not only to enjoy the architecture, maybe to find some inspiration, but to receive rewards for visiting those places, because many of them are among the landmarks you can find in WalkABit app.


The most well-known of Gaudi’s works is probably Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (“Expiatory Church of the Holy Family”), which construction, by the way, is funded by private donations and since 1882 has always been. And though it is still not completed, it is worth visiting because it is filled with symbols. For example, scientists argue what the square on one of the facades means. It consists of 4 rows with 4 numbers in each, and if those numbers are added up, they make 33 (vertically and horizontally). It might be that this symbolizes the age of Jesus Christ. But there are also other theories.

La Sagrada Familia is frequently called the most famous... construction site in the world. It's planned that it will be finished in 2026

His other remarkable work, Park Güell, is a very interesting example of a public park filled with religious, mythological and even political symbols. You’ll certainly be impressed by the geometric shapes and ornaments. And we are sure you have never been to such a park before.


If you climb up to the top of Parc Güell, you'll se beautiful view of Barcelona and get rewarded for your effort with $$ in WalkABit app

There is also Casa Batlló that looks as if it was made of skulls (that’s the shape balconies are in) and bones (those are the forms of supporting pillars). Isn’t it something you’ll never find a copy of, in the whole world? Or Casa Milà, a masterpiece, that is considered to be one of the best modernist works. Or Casa Vicens that looks as if it was brought to Barcelona from a fairy tale…


Casa Batlló is located in one of the most prominent streets and the biggest metro hub: Passeig de Gracia

But it’s not only Antoni Gaudi whose buildings shape the look of Barcelona. There are also many examples of fabulous architecture created by other artists. For example, Casa de les Punxes or magnificent Barcelona Cathedral. You definitely won’t forget the gorgeous Hospital de Sant Pau, that belongs to Unesco World Heritage Sites. Both the interior and the exterior of this complex are impressive! It would take too long to describe all the palaces, churches and houses in Barcelona. So if you simply walk along the streets of this city, you’ll find a lot to see.


Barcelona Cathedral is in the Gothic Quarter, where we recommend you to just wander around without a particular purpose, just to admire narrow streets and gothic architecture.


Don’t forget to visit the museum of another world famous Barcelonian Pablo Ruiz Picasso, the collection of which counts more than 4,000 of artist’s works.


Lying in the sun on the beach is a great thing, of course, but as far as you are not on a deserted island, but in Barcelona, the pearl of Catalonia, we highly recommend that you take advantage of it and do some sightseeing! WalkABit app will reward you for visiting these places (and if you want to taste some delicious food, you will get 5% cashback too!). So you’ll come back home not only with a lot of new amazing memories but with some extra money as well.


It’s time to finish this article, we won’t distract you from packing your bags any more. Travel safe!

P.S. Just one more thing: don’t worry, we’ll tell you about the best beaches, other places to visit, and entertainment opportunities in Barcelona in the next articles. There is so much to see there! It can’t be put all in one text. So it’s not goodbye!..

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