Does money grow on your window sill in a small flower pot? No? What a nuisance! We understand you really well, because we face the same problem. But traveling is not the cheapest thing in the world, is it? But denying oneself a pleasure of visiting the breathtaking Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or any other wonderful place in the world till your moneybox is full is so sad, isn’t it? Is saving up the only way out? Certainly not! We’ll gladly share some tips with you on how to save and what is most important HOW TO EARN during your trip.

  •         Choose weekdays

First of all, it’s not a secret that traveling is not a business trip and you are absolutely free to choose the days to start and finish your journey. So why not pick Tuesday or Wednesday?! The ticket prices on these days are as a rule lower than usual. As for the means of transport to decide on, it depends greatly on the distance. If you are going to travel quite far, you’ll need to check the wide range of low cost airlines. They’ll save not only your money, but your time as well. But if your trip is not that long, you should probably go by bus.

  •         Do a research on free attractions and discounts

When you finally reach your destination, your wallet will surely become thinner, because you’d like to do some sightseeing. Some monument will not charge a million for having a look at it, of course. But what if you appreciate modern art and would like to call at some gallery? There is still a solution to pay less: there are some discounts and days or times when you can visit museums and many other establishments free of charge. Simply surf their websites before you go there, and you’ll know. Let alone all those amazing festivals, parades, concerts and fairs, that take place in the streets and on the squares, and are completely free.

  •         Cycle or walk

There is no need to use an expensive public transport to move about the city, you can hire a bicycle or simply walk.

  •         Choose the places away from the city centre

We are human beings and no one can do without food. The cheapest way not to starve is, of course, to go to the market and try some products here and there (that’s already something!) and probably but some food in order to prepare a meal yourself. But if there is no chance to cook, you’d better choose the eateries away from the city centre (they’ll definitely have lower prices).

  •         Try couchsurfing or house sitting

The day declines and you are on the look-out for a place to stay overnight. Well, hostels are a great alternative to the hotels. But they still charge some money. And you can find shelter without paying for it at all staying at couchsurfers, or there is also such option as house sitting (in case you have nothing against pets).

  •         Use WalkABit app

And last but not least, there is one more option to save and even earn while traveling. It’s the WalkABit app, with the help of which you get a reward for visiting landmarks and receive cashback using different services! And the best thing about this app is that it can be used by both tourists and locals. So if one day you’ll decide to move to the city you once visited during your holiday, there is no need to uninstall it. Saving money and earning has never been that easy! Try WalkABit app in Barcelona and see!

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