To connect businesses and customers by entertaining smartphone users while earning

PromiseWhat do we declare

  • User: We help our users by determining the best spots to visits, find out about the best possible deals in the best places and reduce the costs of living and traveling
  • Business: We drive customers to your business through a revenue share model, which means that when you earn, we all earn. The Customer in the form of a cashback, you in the form of sales revenue, we in the form of a revenue share
  • Municipalities: We are believers in healthy tourism, therefore we wish to contribute to safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable growth of this part of the industry

CultureWe care about our people

  • Work location
    All of our employees are free to work from any place of the world. Believing in the power of remote working lets us cross the borders
  • Work time
    We strongly believe in results instead of meaningless sitting at your desk. Therefore, our employees are free of the standard 9 to 5 drag and determine their own effective working hours. We all have our lives outside work and just one life to live
  • Creativity
    Everyone has brilliant ideas that are coming just out of the blue, we are encouraging our employees, users and partners to share as many as possible. This enables us to move forward and cross invisible boundaries